Friday, June 3, 2011

A Photographic Lifetime

When I was younger, my nana would always tell me how important photographs were and even more so the negatives. I could grasp the concept of why the photographs being pictures therefore held a great importance in order to remember past events and people. Negatives made no sense.

I held onto them to make her happy but had not one clue what to do with them. Near the end of my teenage years, I had my first full time job and was starting to preserve my family history. She told me that these negatives can be taken to a local photo shop to be reprinted. I did some research and took my big box o' negatives over to Ritz Photo. They only scanned a handful which ended up being about 1000 photos and made a copy of those pictures on a CD for me. Cost: $600. My entire paycheck was GONE!

I determined there had to be an easier and cheaper way to get this project done. After a little research, I bought a scanner and some archival safe sleeves. I scanned each and everyone of the 35mm negatives I could find.

Why do this?

Simple. Negatives can be reprinted. If the original photograph is lost or damaged, it can easily be replaced. They are priceless.

An additional bonus is that the person who had the photos printed originally might have thrown away embarrassing photos. Can anyone say blackmail?

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